At Elproma we can offer you both surface mount as well as through hole processing capabilities.

On our Soltec dual wave soldering machine we can process printed circuit boards with through hole components even solder some surface mount components in the wave.

The surface mount assemblies are being processed on our TWS soldering line which consists of a SMT pick & place machine, a reflow oven and a de-paneling machine. 

Parts which need to be surface mount processed but cannot be handled by the P&P machine because of their size and shape are being hand placed by highly qualified staff with years of experience. The boards are than later soldered for a second time.

Next to our printed circuit board assembly we offer cable assemblies.

Highly skilled personnel with more than 20 years of manufacturing skills of soldering crimping connectors to cables, make great working cables using the appropriate tools. After manufacturing all cables they are 100% in house tested to ensure a zero defect rate. Of course this comes at a price

When you are you looking for cheaper alternatives we can offer cable assemblies  from our Asian partners who can make assemblies starting from 500 to 1000 pieces depending on the requirement.

Elproma can also offer you a total manufacturing solution. We process the printed boards, mount them in an appropriate instrument box, assemble the cables,  test the whole unit on functionality and  single / bulk pack them.

Elproma recently bought a laser marking machine.

We can now offer engraving services on, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass and metal. The machine also has the possibility to laser mark in color but only on stainless steel material.

Send us your marking needs, you’ll be amazed with our offer

Soltec wave soldeermachine
Pick&place machine / Laser graveer machine