C&K Switches


C&K - The World Leader in High Performance Innovative Switches

Elproma electronics offers the total range of C&K switches to its customers.
The full line catalogue can be downloaded in its entirety or as separate product series files.

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A-4    ELUM, Right Angle Illuminated Latching
A-9    EP Series, Sealed Tiny
A-15  TP Series, Tiny
A-21  E020 Series, Sealed
A-29  8020 Series, Snap-acting
A-46  E010 Series, Sealed
A52   8060 Series, Alternate action
A-62  8500 Series, Subminiature
A-67  KM Series, Subminiature
A-71  8600 Series, Microminiature
A-74  8700 Series, Overtravel
A-77  GP Series, Sealed Ultraminiature

A-81    PN Series, Alternate
A-81    PN Series, Alternate & Mom
A-84    PHB Series, Short Stroke
A-87    F Series, Latching
A-96    NE-18 Series, Mains/Power
A-105  FP Series, Sealed Ultra Miniature
A-108  AP Series, Sealed
A-114  HP Series, Hall Effect
A-116  NP Series, Sealed
A-123  PBA Series, Illuminated
A-126  PWR Series, Power
A-127  PB Series, Multi-Key
A-135  PS Series, Miniature

B-5    KXT Series, Ultra Low Profile SMT
B-7    KMT2 Series, Nano Miniature SMT
B-9    KMT0 Series, Nano Miniature SMT
B-11  KMR2-4 Series Microminiature, SMT
B-15  KMS Series, Side-Actuated SMT
B-17  PTS525 Series, Microminiature SMT
B-21  PTS530 Series, Ultra Low Profile SMT
B-23  PTS540 Series, Ultra Low Profile SMT
B-25  PTS810 Series, Microminiature SMT
B-27  PTS820 Series, Microminiature SMT
B-30  PTS840 Series, Microminiature SMT
B-33  KSR Series, Subminiature SMT
B-35  KSR Series, Long Life
B-37  KSS Series, Side-Actuated SMT
B-39  KSC1-10 Series, Sealed SMT
B-51  KSC4V2 Series, Side Actuated
B-53  KSE Series, Low Profile

B-56    KT Series, Right Angle Sealed
B-61    K5AT Series, Lighted SMT
B-63    K8 Series, Lighted SMT 
B-66    K5V Series, SMT, Right Angle
B-68    K5V Series, THT, Right Angle
B-69    K5V Series, Panel Mount
B-70    KSF & KSFI Series
B-72    KSA & KSL Series
B-77    KSA MKII, High Performance
B-79    KSJ Series, Sealed
B-81    PTS635 Series, Subminiature
B-84    PTS641 Series, SMT
B-86    PTS645 Series, 6 mm 
B-91    PTS645V Series, 6 mm
B-93    PTS125 Series, 12 mm
B-97    ITS Series, Illuminated
B-105  KSH Series, SMT Top Actuated

C-3  TSW Series, 3 or 7 Function
C-6  CS Series, 4-way Adjustable 

Key Switch
D-3    K6 Series, Miniature
D-6    K12S Series, High Performance
D-9    K12 Series, High Performance
D-15  PVA Series, Short Stroke
D-18  PVB Series, Low Profile
D-23  D6 Series, SPST Momentary
D-26  KS Series, Single Pole
D-29  Digitast Series, Microminiature SPDT
D-32  ED/EDM Series, Domes
D-34  KBD Series, Keyboard

E-4    HDT Series, Micro Mini SMT
E-7    DS Series, Microminiature
E-12  HDS Series, Microminiature
E-14  HDP Series, Microminiature
E-16  SDP Series, Microminiature
E-17  SDS Series, Side Actuated
E-18  DDS Series, Microminiature
E-20  MDS Series, Micro Snap-Acting
E-26  KDS Series, Intrusion Switch
E-27  KM Series, Subminiature
E-30  MPS Series, Proximity
E-32  ZMA Series, Subminiature Snap
E-36  KSU Series, Miniature Detect
E-38  KSR2D Series, Subminiature SMT
E-40  KSM Series, Side Actuated Tact SMT
E-42  KSC4D Series, Sealed SMT
E-44  KSJ Series, Spherical
E-46  RB Series, Rolling Ball Sensor

F-3     7000 Series, Miniature
F-17   Military Series, MIL-S-83731
F-22   E Series, Sealed Miniature
F-30   ET Series, Sealed Subminiature
F-37   T Series, Subminiature
F-43   GT Series, Sealed Ultraminiature
F-48   9000 Series, Power

G-3     7000 Series, Miniature
G-25   E Series, Sealed Miniature
G-39   ET Series, Sealed Subminiature
G-45   T Series, Subminiature
G-51   9000 Series, Power
G-56   DA Series, Miniature Single Pole
G-60   D Series, Miniature Snap-In
G-65   DM Series, Miniature 2 Pole
G-69   DM Series, Miniature Illuminated
G-73   DF Series, Power
G-77   CR Series, Round Single Pole Specialty
G-81   SW Series 

H-3    TDP Series, Ultra Miniature Half Pitch
H-6    TDA Series, Ultra Miniature Half Pitch
H-9    SDA Series, Low Profile
H-13  SD Series, Low Profile
H-16  BD Series, Standard Profile
H-18  BPA Series, Side Actuated
H-21  TDD Series, Jumper
H-23  SPA Series, Single In-line
H-25  RTE Series, Coded Rotary
H-31  CD Series, 8 mm Coded Rotary
H-35  CRD Series,10 mm Coded Rotary

I-4    ES Series, Sealed Tiny
I-8    TS Series, Miniature
I-11  1000 Series, Miniature
I-17  GS Series, Sealed Ultraminiature
I-19  L Series, Miniature
I-25  LP Series, Miniature Snap-in
I-28  S Series, Power
I-33  V Series, Power & Line Voltage
I-37  OS Series, Miniature
I-44  PCM Series, Ultra-miniature
I-46  AYZ Series, Miniature
I-49  JS Series, Sub-miniature
I-55  JSM Series, Sub-miniature
I-60  JSX Series, Sub-miniature
I-61  SK Series, Miniature
I-91  SS Series, Miniature

J-4    Snap Technical Data
J-6    TF Series, Miniature
J-12  TFS Series, Miniature
J-20  TF2 Series, Miniature
J-26  TM Series, Miniature
J-32  LC Series, Subminiature
J-36  LCA Series, Subminiature
J-40  LCS Series, Subminiature
J-44  MM Series, Miniature Subminiature
J-47  ZM Series, Subminiature
J-50  ZMA Series, Subminiature
J-54  ZMB Series, Subminiature
J-57  ZMS Series, Subminiature
J-61  ZMSM Series, Subminiature
J-65  MDS Series, Micro Detect
J-71  HB Series, 1 & 2 Poles
J-77  A Series, General Purpose
J-82  TL Series, Door Interlock
J-85  DS Series, Door Interlock

K-3    A Series, 1–4 Poles
K-8    RTA Series, 1–4 Poles Coded
K-13  M Series, 1–2 Poles Coded Half Inch
K-18  R Series, Rota-slide
K-21  F Series, Miniature Rota-slide
K-25  H Series, Power Rota-slide
K-28  RW Series, Subminiature

L-3    Y Series, 4 & 6 Tumbler
L-11  YF Series, 4 Tumbler, Miniature
L-15  YM Series, 4 Tumbler, Miniature
L-18  P Series, 4 Tumbler, Snap In
L-22  PF & PM Series, 5 Tumbler, Miniature
L-29  A Series, 4, 5, & 6 Tumbler, Miniature
L-34  H Series, 4 & 6 Tumbler
L-39  PL Series, 5 Tumbler, Miniature

M-3     3 Series

Technical Data & Additional
Hardware Information