Cables and more!


For all your cable problems, big or small,  Elproma has a solution !

Elproma offers a wide variety of cable assemblies which are being manufactured in our well origanized and equiped factory in Driebergen.

What can you expect of us? Of course we can deliver you cable on reel as well as all sorts of connection materials and accessories, but our strength is to offer custom assemblies, when possible, without any quantity restriction.

Elproma is the company to turn to for round cable assemblies, Flat flex cables, IDC assemblies, wire confections, molded assemblies as well as cables attached to electronics modules.

We can choose, out of cost consideration , to not fabricate in-house but relocate the manufacturing at ICCONNECTORS, our partner, with manufacturing facility in ASIA.

ASIA manufacturing is only possible for quantities starting from 500 to 1000 pcs.

When manufactured in ASIA you need to expect a lead time of around 8 weeks after approval of drawings and samples

Whether they are Mil-Style assemblies or data- communication cables, our assemblies have found its way to many customers. They are being used in coffee machines to connect valves with the control board, in the car industry to connect a fare registration module with the OBD device, to connect computers with peripherals and many more applications.

When you are looking for a cable solution send us your request via the next form and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse.