About us

Elproma was originally founded in 1975 as C&K components Benelux starting to distribute, as a sole distributor, the C&K switches in the Benelux.

C&K is a renowned name in the electronics industry as a manufacturer of electromechanical switches and making switches since the early 60th’s. More and more products were added to the sales program which were not made by C&K and in 1983 the name changed into Elproma to distinguish the C&K products from the other brands.

To date, besides C&K switches, Elproma distributes all kinds of other brands of switches, connectors, rfi-filters, Led’s, buzzers and cable assemblies. Elproma can also supply bare pcb’s which are made in China and provides design & development service. Elproma also distributes the Elproma IT products like NTP time servers and M2M devices which are made in Poland at Elproma electronics SPzoo and the Coffee equipment manufactured by Elproma Production B.V. in Driebergen.

For automated production, Elproma Production B.V. has wave soldering machine, surface mount assembly machine and surface mount oven to be able to offer mixed products pcb assemblies.
Elproma Production B.V. also possesses several hand soldering stations for soldering parts to cable or on a pc board. Recently a MOPAR Laser marking machine was purchased to be able to offer engraving service in all kinds of materials.

When you are looking for a company for all your needs, look no further !
We can accommodate all of your wishes from component to finished design / product.